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Fanlisting Wishlist

These are the fanlistings that I would love to own with all of my heart. <3 They're already being fabulously run, but if you own one of these and feel you don't want it anymore, contact me. The number next to the subject (where applicable) is the number of times I've been rejected.

Major Wants

I dislike the term "kill for", because I would never murder somebody just to have a fanlisting. I realize it's an expression, but stillll @_@; These are fanlistings I would LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE to own, ones I would apply in a heartbeat for, given the chance.

I've been a fan of The Office since seeing previews for the British one many years ago on BBC America. When I found out it was being made for American television, I was super-excited and faithfully watched every episode in its first year. Working in an office myself at the time, I could relate and recognize some of the characters as people I knew. Over the seasons, The Office has become one of the highlights of my life and it doesn't matter how many times I've seen a certain episode - I can always watch them again and again and not get sick of it.

I came into this fandom the summer of 2008, right before season 2 began. After being pretty much TVless the school year before, I saw a commercial for the series for the first time during the summer and was instantly intrigued by the time period (the 1940s-60s decades are my favorites). I found the entire first season onDemand and marathoned it all within a week or so before I had to go back to school. It's become one of my most favorite series; I love how Matt Weiner and the other writers make me laugh and yet throw me out of my comfort zone. Most of all, I want others to start watching it because despite its loyal fanbase and numerous awards, it still seems small!


These are fanlistings I really want to own, but I wouldn't be too down if I were rejected for them, either.

Granted Wishes

The following are wishlist fanlistings I was given permission to own and subjects I was lucky enough to apply for while they still had no listings. I feel very grateful to the staffers of TFL & TAFL and adopters and am lucky to own these. I never want to give up these fanlistings!