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all about me

Name: Wapiko
Real name: Amanda
Birthday: October 11th
Family: Mom, two cats, and my numerous aunts/uncles/cousins who may as well be immediate family
Favorite foods: Chicken, pasta, chicken with pasta, chicken sandwiches, pasta salads (get my drift...?), freezy pops, miso soup, Hawaiian pizza, onigiri, cake, steamed rice, Naked juice

i am/can/dislike/like...

I think I'm really difficult to label/stereotype, but it won't stop anyone from trying. Let's see. I like cute, fluffy things. Faeries. Video games. Japanese dramas. Girls. Gravure idols. Speaking/writing/translating Japanese. Shopping. Boys. My iPod. My computer. Eating. Sleeping. Hiding away in my apartment on weekends. Skipping class on days I don't feel like going. Enjoying summer weather. Complaining about cold weather. I dislike people who drive slow. People who shouldn't be driving in the first place. Animal abuse. Beer. Party girls. Bros. Oversaturation of the mainstream (I'm looking at you, Lady Gaga and Twatlight.) My DVR not catching the last few minutes of my favorite shows. My favorite shows being cancelled. FOX. FOX News. Waking up early.

Collective Information

You're looking at version 4.0 of Fanatical, starring Ichikawa Yui. She's been my collective's it girl since the beginning and using anyone/thing but her in the design feels wrong to me! If you're interested in the greatness that is Yui, please visit the fanlisting I have for her. The title "Starry sky" is from capsule's song of the same name. I love capsule way too much, and it's beginning to show in my designs. <3 Oops?

Past Versions

This is version 3.0 of Fanatical, again starring Ichikawa Yui. I felt this was one of my best layouts yet in terms of doing more than just going brush-crazy, and I had a lot of fun making it. There was really nothing wrong with it, but I grew tired of it after a while. The title was "Another Sunny Day," a line from the Abandoned Pools song "Sunny Day." This layout was up from May 31st, 2007 until November 25th, 2009.

This is version 2.0 of Fanatical, once again starring Ichikawa Yui. The title of this layout, "More Than Memories", was a slight take on a song by Hoobastank ("More Than A Memory"). Several of the fanlistings I own/join have to do with things I loved during childhood, all which still have great signifance to me. The uh, polaroids in conjunction with the title were purely coincidence. *laugh* I was really happy with it; I thought it very creative and it really gave me the feeling of being at a summer camp. But as I do with most layouts, I grew tired of it. This layout was up from July 27th, 2006 until May 31st, 2007.

This is version 1.0 of Fanatical, starring Ichikawa Yui. Its title was "Bunny Hop Lollipop", the partial title of a song by melting holidays, one of my favorite indie retro-pop bands back in the day. The full title is "Bunny Hop Lollipop Crazy Baby", and has very little to do with the site other than the fact that Yuinyan's got a lollipop and I was listening to melting holidays while making the design. XD I opened this on March 25th, 2006, during my final high school spring break. This layout was up until July 27th, 2006.