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hello there!

Welcome to fanatical, Wapiko's fanlisting collective (+1 hatelisting). If you'd like to know more about me, this collective, or my listings, use the links to your upper right. <3 This is version 4 of fanatical, entitled starry sky.

NOTE: As of August 6th, 2010, I am temporarily being hosted by Jessie of - THANK YOU!!!! I do not foresee this to be permanent, but my old host has gone down and as such all fanlisting databases have been lost for the time being. Until I can get the databases back, please rejoin all fanlistings!

Fanlistings - Includes owned fanlistings, joined fanlistings, my wishlist, and all that jazz.
Site - Includes buttons, affiliates, KIM list, and so on.

Are you a fan of me? *o*; Thanks to Jessie for making me my very own fanlisting!!


As of mid-August 2007, the email address "" no longer works. As it is, that email is the only one I used to sign up for fanlisting memberships before this time. I am currently trying my best to go through the 500+ fanlistings I've joined and change my information. If you're the owner of a fanlisting(s) I've joined and you're checking for a code, if you could change my email address to wapiko @ (without the spaces of course), it would make my job so much easier. Thank you!!!

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